Smart buildings


Break data siloes and bring into one platform your CAD files, asset registers and other business historical data. Combine this information with real-time data from Building Management Systems, IT equipment and metering sensors. Have a complete overview of all your assets, across multiple properties, improve your operational management and use analytics and event processing engines to transform your organisation.

Smart energy


When it comes to cutting energy costs and reducing the carbon footprint, organisations pursue energy management strategies to reduce their consumption without affecting their bottom-line. However, with multiple systems monitoring hundreds of electrical-powered devices, identifying the right efficiency savings is no straightforward task for energy managers.

Smart Energy


With Asset Mapping, energy management is easier and smarter. Bring all these different systems into one dashboard, from energy meters to generators and lights. Have a complete overview of your organisation’s energy demand, as well as detailed access to each device’s consumption in a meaningful context.

Smart assets

Smart Assets


Equipment manufacturers provide business solutions that go beyond the installation process, including training, maintenance and customer service. Without knowing the real-time location and status of their devices, manufacturers will not be able to provide the support their customers expect when equipment goes missing, breaks or needs to be replaced.


With Asset Mapping, manufacturers will know where assets are located across multiple sites and what their real-time status is, even when the network goes down. Integration capabilities with complex event processing engines and cloud services bring new opportunities to use data and offer new smart services to customers.

Smart cities


Smart Cities are cities where advanced networking technologies are used to create new services and improve people’s quality of life. In the past decade, there has been much enthusiasm and investment in Smart Cities' concepts, yet there are many technical and urban challenges we still need to address.

Smart Cities


Asset Mapping's scalable database can ingest and orchestrate data from billions of connected devices. Data processing is done directly on the edge to ensure the devices are online and working without clogging vital data flows.


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