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Asset Mapping was founded with the mission of solving real-life problems using cutting-edge technology.


We understand that field engineers spend two thirds of their time validating basic equipment information, that over 80 percent of maintenance is done reactively, and that more than half of construction projects are over budget.


We are here to change that.


By localising data in one place, adding real-time feeds and making information visual, we help people on site do their work better, and organisations cut operational and energy costs that today are seen as unavoidable.



Asset Mapping tested its first pilot during construction of the London Olympic Park. By mapping the location and status of CCTV equipment in real-time, we projected savings of £5m just in wages. Since then, we have matured into an established SME, winning a string of technology awards and working with leading technology organisations, estate owners, asset manufactures and smart cities.

Based in the heart of London’s Tech City, our vision is to become the world’s leading asset digitisation and mapping engine. Our team of highly trained industrial automation experts, building management specialists and IoT analysts combine a unique set of skills that are the foundation of everything we do.

Meet some of our team

Bill Clee - CEO
Bill Clee

Bill Clee - CEO & Founder

A design engineer by training, Bill spent his early career designing systems for data centres, oil & gas, and shipbuilding industries around the world. During these years, he acquired high expertise in managing complex systems, and worked hand-in-hand with field engineers to understand the challenges they faced when doing their jobs. After diving into consultancy as a CAD and GIS expert, Bill transferred to the construction industry in the UK. In 2009, he joined Honeywell to work on the CCTV system for the London Olympic site. It was here where Asset Mapping was born as an online platform to help field workers visualise the real-time location and status of the assets on site.

Andy Mulholland - Chairman

Andy Mulholland - Chairman

After 12 years as global CTO at Capgemini Group, Andy retired only to become vice-president at Constellation Research. From here, he helps executives find the links between emerging IoT technologies and business capabilities. Considered one of the top 25 most influential CTOs of all times, Andy has authored fundamental reads including ‘Mashup Corporations’ (2006), ‘Mesh Collaboration (2008) and the ground-breaking whitepaper ‘Confused About Cloud? Think Inside Out and Outside In’ (2012). At Asset Mapping, Andy takes the strategic helm while enjoying the thrills that transitioning a startup to the scale-up phase bring.

Grzegorz Klimaszewski - Chief Technology Officer

Grzegorz Klimaszewski - CTO

Greg is a hardware and software integration specialist with over eight years of experience in making machines talk. Before graduating in Automation and Robotics from Warsaw University, Greg had already spent two years at Honeywell automating everything that could be automated and help save time. In 2010, Greg moved to the UK to support the delivery of integration projects at London Heathrow, London Tube Lines and the London Olympic Park. Since 2015, he has been at Asset Mapping realising the technical vision for the company: to build an open architecture capable of taking in live sources of information at scale.

Michael Grant - Chief Operations Officer
Michael Grant - COO

Michael Grant - COO

Michael has a strong operational and senior management background, with expertise in operations, services, strategy, cloud and UC. He has over ten years of experience working at Senior Management and C-Level within businesses, with a track-record in delivering outstanding results. His strategy for helping businesses thrive is to design, implement and manage LEAN operations while keeping the company revenue focused and service-driven.


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